Don’t miss this rare opportunity to work alongside and shadow Presley between April 6 and 7, as she preps for Presley Poe + Friends!

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The Runners-Up:

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I’ve done a lot of work I’m proud of but this is my proudest. I still look at this image and nod to myself lol. It took me about 5 hours to individually paint minuscule sections with 13 different bowls of color to achieve the desert sunset I was trying to achieve. Do you know what makes me even more proud? This is on my former Student! She trusted in my skill so much that she gave me free reign do whatever I wanted and she still does to this day as my now client. That’s the power of education !!! To #shadowpresleypoe would mean so much to me in my career because she has spoken to my artistic abilities so much when I thought I was in a slump I would never get out of, no bs . She’s given me words of encouragement before as a stranger online when I just randomly said “hell yeah I’ll never be that great” 😆 and reminded me everyone gets where they want through education ! I just want to spend a day and soak up all the knowledge she is willing to give . For real, enough with the novel, she has been my inspiration for a few years now and from her graciousness of giving education online she’s made me into who I am today as a colorist ( I may be a long time watcher 👀) . We’ve never met but she’s been a teacher for someone who thought they “knew about everything” and quickly put me in my place. Thanks you @presleypoe hope to work with you soon one day. It would be a dream. @cosmoprofbeauty @hairdustry also hashtag #nofilter #lisafrank @lisa_frank has been my creative inspo since I forever 😘

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I started in this industry when I was 17 as part of the apprenticeship program in California. At 19 I had my license. Since then I have been doing hair (off and on ) for the past 17yrs. A little over a year now I have taken time away. I was feeling burnt out and unfulfilled and I knew something had to change. I needed to grow. Sometimes in life you have to take a few steps back in order to take a few steps forward. We’ve all heard it! Right?! So I am dedicating this year to my own personal creative growth, busting my ass (and not getting paid for it) so that I can create a portfolio of work that I am really proud of. I realize now that my “dream job” really would be to work as a freelance hairstylist. Focused more on editorial type hair, and as part of a creative team! With that being said, shadowing @presleypoe would be such an incredible honor and opportunity!! Honestly, I wasn’t going to enter this contest because I felt it wasn’t right since I’m not currently working in a salon. BUT I am STILL a hairstylist! It is the very core of my being!! It is forever flowing through my blood!! I’m obsessed with it!!! I eat, drink and sleep it! So I decided today, after talking with a few awesome friends, that I am entering. Because to meet Presley Poe and to be mentored by her would quite literally be a dream come true to me. So, with one day left, and scared as sh*t to enter, here I am! Doing just that! Because, much like the @banksy painting I did on this hair, if you don’t follow your dreams and the paths that may seem too scary to go down, well, then grab some popcorn baby because your gonna watch that dream fly away! ♥️ #shadowpresleypoe @hairdustry @cosmoprofbeauty @presleypoe #bansky #banskyart #banskyfanart #banskyfan

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